How Frequently Must Solar Panels Be Cleaned?

When it comes to solar panel cleaning, there is actually no standard and an ideal time to do. It just greatly relies on your geographic location. A usual solar panel owner will require to clean their solar panels just 1-2 times every year. If you want to maintain this schedule, make sure to set reminders on your calendars to have your solar panels seasonally checked to assess the debris, and to know whether it needs a good cleaning session.  

However, there are some exceptions to this maintenance rule. If you’re living near an airport or a freeway, pollutants and oil can build up on your panels, which means that they will need to be cleaned more often. During colder seasons, you need to keep your panels clear of snow. Meanwhile, in desert climates, you may want to make sure that your panels are cleaned after strong winds or storms to eliminate sand, dust, and dirt.  

Ways to properly clean solar panels 

You’ve got 2 options if you want to clean your panels: you can either do it yourself or hire an expert solar contractor/cleaner who performed your Las Vegas solar panel installation on your home.  

When you wish an expert to deal with the solar panel cleaning, you need to reach out to your solar panel service provider to know whether they provide cleaning services. And when they don’t, they can surely suggest a cleaning company who knows about how to maintain the type of solar panel that you have. You can look for a trusted solar cleaning provider using Angie’s List or Yelp! 

On the other hand, if you attempt to save some bucks, you can always do the panel cleaning session all by yourself. Just make sure that you can safely get across the array. This procedure is quite more complicated. For a guide, here’s a list of solar panel tips on how to clean them: 

  • Consult your solar power manual or call your solar panel manufacturer to ask any particular warnings or suggestions before you start cleaning them. Other systems may need you to switch off the panel before you clean them just to be safe.  
  • Prioritize your safety. Make sure to pay attention to your footing and do not step on any panels or cords. Use safety precautions if your array is laid on your roofing. 
  • Wait for evening or an overcast morning to clean your panels. When the sun gets too high, water tends to evaporate more rapidly. As a result, it can leave marks to your panels, making it unappealing.  
  • Remove most dirt buildup by giving them a good scrub using a sponge, towel, and clean water. Apply slight circular strokes to make the dirt loose and rinse it off with water using a hose.  
  • For hard to remove stains, you can apply gentle cleansers like dish soap. If possible, only use an eco-friendly, natural, and organic brand that will not harm shrubs or grass after running off the array.  
  • Rinse it with soft water and use a squeegee to let the panel dry and prevent calcium deposits.